Do you need to refresh your vocal technique?

Do you sense some kind of problem with your voice, but you’re not sure if it’s physical, mental, or some of both?

Do you have a history of vocal strain or other throat trauma, and need a safe, reliable program for recovery?

Are you wary of voice training methods that seem to be based on catch-phrase branding and mysterious vocabulary, or that promise to fix all problems the same way?

I’m a licensed medical speech pathologist, a professional singer and arts teacher, and a longtime student of alternative healing. I’ve specialized in treating artists’ voice problems for a long time, and I enjoy helping people to sound their best, understand their unique vocal instrument, and learn how to stay healthy and comfortable. I customize my work to meet your needs, mixing science with intuition, fresh every day.

“Joanna Cazden is one of the premier vocal trainers for professional voice users.” —Kay Meyer, Voice and Speech Consultant.

“Joanna has a unique ability to marry the clinical and spiritual aspects of voice. I recommend her for voice/body exploration, education, and healing.” —Andrea Odinov Fuller, Loyola Marymount University & Lee Strasberg Institute

“Joanna Cazden is a virtual treasure trove of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of voice. … a quintessential professional.” —Carole Kornsweig, Corporate Speech & Communication Specialist


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