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“Joanna is one of the premier vocal trainers for professional voice users.”  — Kay Meyer, LinkedIn.

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In-person services (Burbank, CA)

  • The street address is provided after you schedule. 
  • All forms of payment are accepted (credit card, cash, check.)

First Consult: Explain your goals and receive a full assessment of your voice (throat muscles, range, breath patterns, coordination). I’ll put together a picture of how health issues, vocal habits, and previous training may be affecting your voice; and how I can help.  75 minutes, $185
Schedule a First Consult

Followup: Training exercises, throat muscle relaxation, energy work, or combination.  55 minutes, $125
Schedule a 60-minute Followup Session

Laryngeal Massage & More: Extended session combining hands-on techniques for neck and throat relaxation, and whole-body energy balancing. Ideal for the touring performer, restorative for all working vocalists. 65 minutes, $155  Schedule a Massage & More session

Intro package: Extended session combining your first consult/assessment with a 30-minute treatment of vocal exercises, throat muscle relaxaton, energy clearing, or combination. 1 hr 45 minutes, $220.  Schedule an Intro Package

Skype services (worldwide)

Voice therapy or training, or combination, see descriptions above.
Online contact info is provided when your first appointment is confirmed.
Payment is accepted by credit card or Paypal.

Skype First Consult: 75 minutes, $185
Schedule a First Consult on Skype

Skype Followup, 55 minutes, $125
Schedule a 60-minute Followup Session on Skype

Skype Followup short, 35 minutes, $65
Schedule a 30-minute Followup Session on Skype

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