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1-stop Relax and Restore

This treatment is for you if you’re:

—A touring performer, far from home and your home-town bodywork team

—On prescribed vocal rest after laryngeal surgery, and in search of ssafe but voice-savvy healing*

—Just looking for an R&R boost with special focus on your vocal instrument

This session starts with a manual relaxation treatment for the muscles of your neck and throat, with detailed attention to the area around your voice box (larynx).* Then you’ll drift deeper while I combine gentle-touch shiatsu, energy-balancing, and chakra-focused techniques to restore your entire body-mind. You’ll feel relaxed and clear, with greater vocal ease and a deeper connection to your own strength and spirit, ready for whatever comes next.

Schedule your 1-stop session here

*modified according to any special instructions from your laryngologist

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