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Energy Treatment

This restorative process, performed on a bodywork table, aligns energy centers in and around the body (chakras). For artists, I focus on the throat and breath regions, and on integrating the creative brain. Schedule an energy treatment  when your priority is stress relief.

If you’ve scheduled a voice training or rehab session, but you feel vocally or physically tired that day, I may suggest this type of healing session instead. However it is not recommended during an acute illness.

For an extra-special experience, schedule the slightly longer 1-Stop Relax and Restore session, which combines this energy treatment with a detailed release of muscle tensions around your voice box.

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“Joanna was a wonderful detective and human being who went out of her way to help me find my path… a dedicated and caring professional.”

“My experience with Joanna was life-changing. I’m overwhelmed by my progress ….This work was a total blessing.”

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