About Vocal Arts Training

If your voice is healthy but not fully developed, consider me the fitness trainer for your voice. As a rodeo rider put it: “If you want to get better at something, go back and get better at the basics.”  

web-JC-at-pianoMaybe you’re heading into an important audition, not feeling 100% sure you’ve got the best technique for the job. Maybe you are coming back to serious vocalizing after months or even years away from regular training. Or you might have hit a plateau with another teacher, and want some new eyes & ears on what you’re doing.

I will customize a program of technique and self-care, so that you can create the best possible sound in a comfortable, healthy way.

Over several sessions, we review and fine-tune the fundamentals of posture, breathing, throat actions, and resonance placement. I usually give you homework, to help you experience and anchor the right balance between relaxation and strength in the body, breath, and vocal muscles.

If frustration with your voice has taking on a life of its own; if you feel your confidence wavering; or you sense blocks in the subtler energy-flow that supports the voice, I may go into intuitive space for guidance, and/or incorporate energy healing techniques in the direct voice work.

And of course if I suspect a medical problem with your voice, I will help you locate resources for more help.

“Warm, funny, engaging, and passionate… Joanna can take highly technical information and make it accessible to any vocal artist.”
—Mary Ellen Wessels, M.Ed.

“I was working with a client who had a history of vocal damage…. I wanted to make sure that we were on the best road to keeping her singing healthy and free. I set up a joint session for us to work with Joanna, and she was able to get into some root-cause pain and tension that my client was simply living with and accepting as her normal state. Joanna made some specific recommendations that helped my client and me to map a clear path for easier progress. Working with Joanna helped me as a teacher to ensure that I was offering the best, most informed instruction. Call her. She will only compliment what you already do as a teacher, and you will be amazed at what you learn.”  —Dan Calloway, www.MyLAVoiceTeacher.com

“Joanna has been instrumental in getting my voice back into shape… I am very pleased with my results.”  — student

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