About Voice Therapy

About Voice Therapy

web-JC-in-clinicAfter many years as a performer, arts student, and singing teacher, I became licensed as a speech pathologist so that I could help people whose voice problems include a medical diagnosis.

If an ear-nose-throat doctor has examined your vocal cords and diagnosed a problem [such as vocal nodules, polyp, weakness, or swelling], my goal is to return your voice to normal. The process may include lifestyle coaching, direct and indirect vocal exercises, breath and resonance work, and hands-on treatment to the neck and throat.

If you’re having trouble with your voice and have not seen a throat doctor (laryngologist), I can suggest several very good doctors in the area. Or we can meet for an initial consultation, and I can give you a medical referral list at that time.

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“Joanna is a goddess of vocal health advice, with more than enough creds to back it up.” —forum post, TheModernVocalist.com

“Joanna has been instrumental in getting my voice back into shape. Not only was she efficient in every aspect of my rehab, but she was personally a joy to be around and learn from. I am very pleased with my results.”

“Having a speech pathologist who is also a singing teacher made a huge difference.”

“My experience with Joanna was life-changing. I’m overwhelmed by my progress as well as by her professionalism. This work was a total blessing.”

“Joanna did a fabulous job in making the most of what I have following multiple throat surgeries. Her work with my breathing was nothing less than stellar! I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend her to anyone.”

“Thanks for turning my voice from a frog into a prince!”


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