Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers

A friendly guide to vocal health and preventative wellness, combining up-to-date health information with compassion for the demands of a vocal career. It covers all aspects of daily life: from food and drink to travel fatigue and trade shows, cold symptoms to cell-phones, loud parties to lozenges, fitness tips and finding the right medical care.

Everyday Voice Care is assigned as a textbook at leading music and theater conservatories. It’s an invaluable resource for voice and speech professionals, students, and teachers. Order now!

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Everyday Voice Care is just what the doctor ordered…a must read for singers, actors, or anyone else wanting to take care of their health and their voice. Highly Recommended!” —Amazon reader review

“Joanna Cazden neither talks down to readers, nor above them. Instead, she lists accurate advice for all voice users… In a vocal Utopia, adverse conditions and abusive behaviors would not exist. Until that ideal world arrives, singers can turn to Cazden for counsel.” — Journal of Singing

Everyday Voice Care is exactly what I have always needed but never owned. I will be giving a copy to every vocalist I work with. Thank you!    — Mel Dangcil, conductor and music director, Los Angeles

“Joanna Cazden’s wonderful book is concise, well-organized, sensible and open-minded. She is up to date on current vocal science, and delivers her wealth of information in a down-to-earth way that should appeal to singers of all kinds. …I’m on my second reading now, and carry it with me all the time. I’ve recommended it to all my students and colleagues.”            —Amazon reader review (singing teacher)

Everyday Voice Care offers a common-sense plan to keep singers’ voices sounding their best. ” — In Tune Monthly

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