The Power of Voice – Quotes

“The human voice is the most pure expression coming from your own being. There is nothing between your soul and your ability and your body, and the audience… that’s why it’s so sensitive.” —Bill Maxwell, vocalist contractor, in 2013 documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom.

“A defective voice will always preclude an artist from achieving the complete development of his art, however intelligent he may be…. The voice is an instrument which the artist must learn to use with suppleness and sureness, as if it were a limb.” —actor Sarah Bernhardt

“The voice is a transparent indicator of our physiological state and an extremely (if not the most) potent trigger of the physiological states of others.” —neuroscientist Stephen W. Porges

“The voice is on the borderline between the physical and the spiritual.”
—writer and poet I.L. Peretz

“Never stop to grow as a human being, because the voice is the reflection of what you are as a person. Our job is about communication. You need to have something to say, to be able to say it.” —opera singer Luca Pisaroni

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